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About Us

Hainan Huacai Real Estate Co., Ltd. incorporated in Hainan province in 2009, is large private enterprise dedicated to the development of competitive industries, enhancement of capital efficacy, active participation in the economic development of the Hainan InternationalTourism Island and the integration of commercial and tourism property development and modern management services through capital investments and capital operations.


In 2009, the Company developed the “Danna International Yacht Club" on Haidian Island, the “Heart of Bird”. This large integrated tourism property project, 120,000m2 in gross floor area, is located at No. 86 Bihai Avenue on the east bank of Haidianxi estuary on Haidian Island and covers 70,000m2 of 5-star property right hotel, 50,000m2 of yacht club and a yacht quay capable of harbouring 150 yachts. The total project investment is around RMB 1.5 billion with construction and operation scheduled to commence in May 2012 and October 2014 respectively. In addition, the Company plans to invest in a coastal project in Ledong, Hainan with planned land area of 333.33 hectares, floor area reaching 1.5 million m2, total investment exceeding RMB 10 billion and a construction cycle of around 10 years. The introduction of the Ledong project and Haidian Island project ensured the sustainable development of the Company in Hainan province.


Our objective is to abide by the “Market-oriented, Company-operated” principles and adhere to the operation concept of “balanced development of public service and commercial projects” to forge a project financing platform and investment entity through the "Superior, Economic and Efficient” approach.


The corporate spirits – Unity, Pragmatism, Innovation and Progression – are our trump over crisis and adversity.


"Development Through Virtues, Actions Over Words"– It not only lies the cornerstone of the Company’s corporate philosophy and culture but also provides strong support for our unremitting efforts towards success.